Nutritional Therapist - Natasha Draycott 

I am a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) which is the professional body for nutritional therapy practitioners. 
I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is an accredited nutrition register regulated by the Professional Standards Authority of the United Kingdom. As a registered nutritional therapist in Hove, you can be assured that my advice comes with the full weight of scientific research behind it. 
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Natasha Draycot
Nutrition plays a vital role in your health and longevity 
Many of us struggle for years enduring symptoms that cause a strain on our lives. It’s my mission to help you reconnect and rebuild a sound relationship towards your body, food and how you eat, getting you back on track with your health. Nutritional therapy can help with healthy eating and weight loss, and with the advice of nutritional therapists, my clients can find good health and well-adjusted eating habits. 
Why is Nutrition Important to Health? 
Nutrition plays a vital role in your health and longevity. Changes to your diet and lifestyle can have incredible results, whether you are looking to reach peak sports performance, help support a chronic condition or to simply maintain optimal health. 

What Does a Nutritionist Do? 

A registered nutritional therapist can offer advice about the impact of different diets, food, and healthy eating. As the term ‘registered nutritional therapist’ is protected they have to have degree-level knowledge of the science behind food consumption and its effects on the body. Nutritionists can advise on your dietary habits and help you to make a change for the better. 
a bespoke nutrition plan
I strongly believe in the power of educating clients throughout our sessions, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to start living your life unconditionally outside of my Hove Clinic. 
Nutrition can be very confusing, there is a wealth of information online and it has become overwhelming to know what to eat and where to begin. It's my job to help simplify nutrition and together work on a plan that is individual to YOU. 

What Diet Do Nutritionists Recommend? 

I don’t recommend a diet and don’t believe that non-specific, diet-based approaches to healthy eating can lead to long-term successes. A healthy nutritional regime is completely dependent on the individual circumstances. When I work with you, I offer advice that is specifically tailored to your situation, which may be different to any other client. There is no one structure which must be followed by everyone, and depending on the goals you want to reach – be it sporting performance, weight loss, or just more healthy eating habits – I will provide advice that can help you achieve your specific goals. 

my services 

How I work. 
I work with clients from age 16 and upward, all presenting with different health issues, however, I have a particular interest in Hormonal health, sports performance and gut issues. During an initial consultation, I’ll work with you to find your goals, where I’ll look at your medical history, lifestyle, diet history, and finally what you want to achieve from our sessions together. We can then create a plan together which is completely tailored to your circumstances and achievable for you. 
Follow-up consultations allow us to meet and discuss your journey to health and well-being, where we can go through your results and condition, evaluating how you’ve been getting on with your plan. These can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your specific requirements. 
I have a clinic in The Float spa, Hove, BN3 2PX. However I also see clients from all over the UK though consultations on Zoom.  
This approach to nutritional therapy is sustainable, creating the possibility for true, long-term change rather than a ‘quick fix’ diet which almost certainly wouldn’t last. The long-termism of my approach to nutritional therapy allows you to follow up your appointments with me and make changes that will have a lasting impact on your life.  

How Much Does a Nutritionist Cost? 

The services that I offer are in line with those of other nutritionists in the UK.  
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