Functional testing is essentially a comprehensive, in-depth, complex test, which is analised and interpreted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the state and trends of the main body systems, the supporting body accessory systems, along with vitaming and mineral status, which will provide information on clinical dysfunction within the body. 

Why do I use it in my clinic  

Well, our blood tells a story and blood does not lie! From a comprehensive blood analysis we can see the full picture of what's causing or perpetuating chronic illnesses, disease, and milder symptoms, for example, inflammation. 
Many standard testing done through GPs do not reach the level of depth or accuracy that our functional testing does. 
I see it time and time again, a client comes to me with blood results from a GP being told everything is “normal” and yet, they feel far from normal and are presenting with out of optimal health ranges. So this is where Functional testing comes in. 
Functional DX is the world’s most advanced blood interpretation technology available. We use Function DX as our main testing partner. From the results and analysis, we determine the root cause and this allows us to create a tailored approach to your nutrition and lifestyle plan. 

What can we use Functional testing for?  

From the science of functional testing we can get to the route cause of hormonal issues including, PMS and PMS-D, PCOS, Menopause symptoms. We can address skin issues with an indepth Gut analysis, including acne, rosasea and psoriasis.  
We can look into the microbiome of your gut and figure out why you are experiencing certain gut complaints and symtpoms.  
We can find the route cause of fatigue or inflammation and look into your immune function to find out why you may be reacting to foods all of a sudden, or why you keep getting recuring colds and flus.  
Testing partners include:  
Genova Diagnostics  
Functional DX 
Dutch Test  

Preventative medicine over cure  

The MOT test 
We service our cars every 6 months and have a full MOT every 12 months. We check the oil and water is topped up, our tire pressure is correct, and we always make sure we’re running on petrol. Why do we not apply the same approach to our bodies? 
Practicing preventive medicine is checking in with ourselves regularly, getting blood tests, and making sure our bodily systems are in what we call, homeostasis, which is essentially equilibrium. 
The MOT test is our base-level functional test, which includes 90 biomarkers. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. If you haven’t checked in with your health in a while, or you may not be feeling 100%, you’re getting recurring colds, feeling tired all the time or your cognition is declining, then this is for you. 
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