I have always had a passion for food and cooking, being one of four children and mum working full time as a nurse, mum was the queen of quick, easy, nutritious meals and I learnt from her the importance of home-cooked meals from scratch.  
Living in India also had a big impact on the way I see food, as in Ayevedia food is not just for pleasure and fuel but is seen as medicine. 
Fitness has always been a big part of my life, from playing sports to finding my true passion in running. I have been practising yoga for 6 years, which alongside mindfulness has become an integral part of my health journey.  
When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. 
Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb 
I take an individualised approach to my practice, meaning that I look at you as an individual and not the condition you are presenting with. I look beyond symptoms to find underlying root causes that are perpetuating ill-health. 
I use evidence-based science to determine my approach to your personalised plan. Science is changing continuously, so I am always enhancing my knowledge through attending seminars, webinars, and reading medical journals and papers to keep up to date with the latest science. 
Prioritising your health through nutrition is the foundation of achieving physical and mental health, however, it's not just about the food you eat. I look at the whole holistic picture including your environment and lifestyle habits. Our culture of stress, exhaustion and little downtime play a huge role in impacting our overall wellness.  
my story. 
I have been on a personal quest with my own health for many years, after a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and a complicated array of hormonal imbalances, I truly understand the frustation of not feeling yourself.  
My journey into Nutritional therapy really began after becoming very unwell with gut problems in India. After several weeks of hospital stays and my health not improving, I decided to seek help through a Naturopathic practitioner and a Nutritionist, after a specific gut protocol focussing on foods and herbs I began to get better. On returning to the UK, I decided I wanted to study the science behind my healing, so I embarked on a Nutritional Therapy Diploma for 3 years and have not looked back.. 
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